Anthem and Object is a reflection of my upbringing and influences surrounded by beauty from New England to California and spaces in between. A love letter to the clothing and objects that have made up my esthetic, a reflection of the quotidian influences surrounded by a large Irish/Italian American family outside of Boston and my own explorations of the world. A deep reverence for the craft and heritage, clothing and objects created from the resources of the land such as the Aran Irish Knit sweater made with wool from Irish sheep and hand knit by Irish craftspeople. As our objects are used and loved they need to be cared for, mended, renewed and handed down to the next generation to use and love again. Our stories in objects woven into the fabric of our lives for generations.

We have so many things in this world clothing piling up or thrown away to make space for the new. My wish is to renew, recycle, curate and provide our resources here in this shop. I have a cultivated eye from thrifting and collecting vintage for over 30 years and in my early 20s walked into the Tailor’s shop in Stowe, Vt and asked if I could be an apprentice. I wanted clothing to be as well made as the vintage that I collected, I wanted clothing to fit my body beautifully and I wanted to learn how to make that happen and share it with others. I was given an amazing chance to learn with a master tailor and a wonderful and caring man named Mike R and for almost two wonderful years I soaked up all that I could and began to train my eye and learn how clothing is made, how to identify the underlying structure of clothing and how fabric behaves, it’s properties and how to use it like an artist uses and studies the properties of paint to create. Also and maybe most importantly it gave me a chance to explore and be recognized for something that I could be good at. Something I had a knack for. I’ve always been jealous of craftsman and wished to know something inside and out, a craft. I wished to gain a lexicon of skill and hone that skill. I then went to school in Paris for a few months studying clothing design but upon returning to the states decided that the design part wasn’t for me. I took a break and began studying and teaching yoga always collecting and studying clothing, making art, taking in sewing repairs for vintage shops and even a bit of upholstery repair. As life went on and I bounced across the country to Portland, Oregon I became chronically ill and as limitations began to take over my life clothing, art and beautiful objects were my salvation and without knowing it I was studying, researching, making connections and learning about not just clothing but material culture in general and how the special object can act as memory markers, storytellers and salve for the soul. In this time I had to stop working all together and as I sat on the couch I taught myself hand embroidery which saved my life. Not being able to be physically active with multiple chronically illness I could be still and create, learn and be in a relationship with craft and beauty. When I was having a good day I would go to my favorite consignment shop and find little treasures and clothing it was then I decided to open the first iteration of Anthem & Object on Etsy.